Disclaimer for the willing Hasher

By agreeing to take part in Nha Trang Hash House Harriers activity you are, by definition, an irresponsible moron with a drastically reduced number of brain cells. On the basis that even you must have occasional moments of lucidity and are of at least a half-way sound mind, you must understand that the MisManagement Committee, consisting of members who are at least as irresponsible as you, will accept no liability for anything (and we mean ANYTHING!) happening to you during the course of this event. Death, disability, disfigurement, animal attacks, disease (sexually, zoologically transmitted or otherwise) and any other disasters that may befall your dumb ass are your problem, not ours.

Hashing, especially as practiced by Hashers, is a dangerous pastime, and you do it entirely at your own risk. But then you knew that already, and you've somehow survived this far, against the odds.

You acknowledge that you are a legal adult and can hurt yourself if you like.

You are also reminded that excessive consumption of alcohol may impair your vision, hamper your ability to drive motor vehicles and operate power tools and adversely affect your ability to walk and talk. It may even render you comatose and lead you to fall asleep in some unlikely places. You may find yourself suddenly and unexpectedly attracted to members of the opposite sex, some who may prove to be exceptionally unattractive, or even of the same sex, when you wake up next to them the following morning.

You acknowledge that you are a legal adult and can hurt yourself if you like.

This event is also guaranteed to cause you to recount jokes that no-one else finds even the least bit amusing, and otherwise bore the pants off anyone who is not as drunk/pissed as you are. Do also remember that anything lewd, bizarre or stupid that you say or do during the hash, whether under the influence of alcohol or otherwise, will almost certainly be recorded on tape, camera, video or some form of digital media and may be used to blackmail and/or ridicule you for the rest of your life. You are responsible for your own actions and will not hold NTH3, or for that matter the activity of hashing accountable.

Don’t say you haven’t been warned!

NTH3 MisManagement

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Nha Trang
Hash House Harriers

Nha Trang
Hash House Harriers

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